What is Infographics?

what-is-an-infographic1Many people are starting to incorporate infographics into their websites. This is usually because people are able to get a lot of information across in a very short time. When infographics are used effectively, they can say as much, if not more, than a graphic that would have been used in its place. If you are considering using infographics, make sure you fully understand what it is they are and how to use them right.

Defining Infographics

Broken down into its most basic manner, infographics are just pictures and words used in combination to get what would normally be complicated information across in a simple fashion. This can be showing how a machine works through a series of pictures, a complicated series of steps drawn out in a cartoonish way, or any number of graphic ideas placed with words to help explain something. Since most people learn most effectively through either words or pictures, putting a combination of them together allows most people to take a lot of information away when they are done looking at the picture.

What Infographics Should Include

If infographics only contain a lot of words or pictures without a combination of both that is balanced, people will not get the most out of their use. Some words should be used, along with either drawings or pictures, to make the most impact. Plus, color adds a lot when people are looking at an infographic. Don’t let the page become dull or blur together with information overload, but find a delicate way to balance the picture as a whole if you want your picture to be effective.

How to Use Infographics Effectively

There are a few places where infographics tend to stand out as the most effective. Here are some places where you should consider using them with your website:

  • Presenting the results of a survey
  • When simplifying complicated data
  • To draw in new customers
  • When comparing two sets of similar information

If infographics are used properly and created with a balance of text and pictures, they will catch the attention of many people who visit your website. They should be colorful, informative, and to the point. This will help your users see the value you are creating and return to your website the next time they need this information again. The more trust you can create through your website content, including your graphics, the more visitors will turn to you and the information you provide.